Friday, May 22, 2009

Mark Mangino Stakes Claim as FackYouk Heavyweight Champion

Forever I used to just see Rex Ryan as a bad ass dude who ran the best defensive unit of the 00's.  Thanks to Matt and Fack Youk Obese Football Coach Week, he'll now forever in my eyes be the fat coach of the E-A-T-S Jets.  

Matt also got me thinking about other phat coaches, and one instantly came to mind.  Moving back to the college ranks, the recently competitive Kansas Jayhawks are led by Mark Mangino.  In fact the Rock Chalk sport my favorite t-shirt ever, celebrating Maneato's apparent football genius and obvious lust for all things ending in -donut.  

Below, Mark provides physical evidence he is in fact not Obie, the mascot of the Fedex Orange Bowl.

1 comment:

  1. I stand corrected. Winner and new champion. Nicely done.