Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The White Lebron

Trivia Question... Who holds the home run distance record at Tropicana Field?

Carlos Pena? No. Is it another Ray or former Devil Ray? That's a negative Ghost Rider. Well, how about another big bat from the AL, maybe Manny or J.G.? No, no, wrong, you're way off.

The big bat holding this record is actually held by high school sophomore, Bryce Harper. My friend forwarded me this Son's of Sam thread, which includes a recent Power Showcase video, where Bryce set the 502' record. Mind you it was with an aluminum bat in a home run derby setting - but this kid is undeniably impressive. A quick Google search yields a few articles, where writers are predicting Bryce to be the #1 pick - suggesting there may be some serious tank jobs in the summer of 2010. The kid's name itself is destined for greatness.

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  1. Haven't seen the entire video, but from the beginning it looks like he has attended Tom Emanski's Baseball World.