Friday, January 16, 2009

WBC - On Second Thought..

You may or may not have read my post about the upcoming World Baseball Classic, and how I was thinking I would really get into it this year.  I mentioned being happy to see studs like Jeter, Braun, and David Wright join team USA, as we were going to be fielding our best team.  I finished that post really looking forward to the March 7 opener against my home away from home, Canada (I travel to Canada about once a week for work).  

Big Willie then reminded me that the WBC was scheduled against the greatest sporting event in the world, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  How in the hell did March Madness slip my mind when I looked forward two months?  Thus my enthusiasm for seeing team USA take the field subsided.

Today I stumbled upon an article from ESPN that completely soured my taste for the WBC.  David Ortiz is hopeful that he'll be able to join his native Dominican Republic for the WBC.  David Ortiz, the same Big Papi who made multiple trips to the DL in 2008.  The same Mr. Clutch who was exactly the opposite last postseason batting .186 and driving in only 5 runs in 11 games.  

I don't think it's ever been more appropriate to ask this question of any individual.  "What are you fucking thinking?"

"Just as I promised, if I'm healthy, I will join the team."  Papi - you are clearly not healthy and need all of the rest you can get.  With not signing Tesh, you returning to at least 75% of your former self is crucial for the Sox to be at all competitive in what is going to be the most talented AL East in recent memory.  Tito/Theo/Larry - do something!

Listen - I'm all for representing your country - as I said I was psyched to see Youk and Pedroia joining team USA.  I'm even fine with Dice K pitching for Japan because the guy has a Jugs machine for an arm.  An injury happens to any of them - I'm not happy, but I'm still okay with the WBC.  However, I'm not fine with a Shrek sized, rehabilitating 33 year old, coming off a dismal season due mainly to injury - suiting up for his homeland.  David, by all means go be an ambassador for the team, be a bench coach.  But for the sake of the millions and millions of the Sox fans - please to not pick up a baseball bat until spring training.


  1. I can't imagine the Red Sox are going to let this happen. The Yanks have already blocked Posada and Wang from playing who were simlarly limited by injures last season. Players are going to want to do it, and it's the team's job to protect their own interests.

  2. Abolish the damned thing already.

  3. It is a waste of time. I would rather watch spring training.