Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sox and Yanks, (gulp) Together? Yes We Can!

This blog's poster child is one of the more recent reported additions to team USA for the WBC. Yoooouuukkk will join fellow Sock and reigning AL MVP, Pedroia on the squad which opens up play against our neighboring Canucks on March 7. The squad also features some serious talent with the likes of David Wright, Grady Sizemore, and Ryan Braun. The team is going to be led by Jeter, and this Boston fan couldn't agree more with the decision. I may not like him, but I certainly respect him - and there isn't a ballplayer out there better for the role.

Personally, I am loving the fact that we're putting our top dogs on the squad this year, and not sending out the farm guys. Baseball is of course America's game, and Japan taking down the first World Baseball Classic while the U.S. of A. did not even place, was disgusting. Baseball is clearly a different game than basketball, so just putting studs on the diamond doesn't guarantee victory. But I really hope we kick some serious ass, and just run the score up on anyone who stands in our way. I'm talking like 22-3, 19-1... really just humiliate teams.

But the real intrigue in all of this is if Yanks fans will cheer for Youk and the Destroia? Will Sox fans cheer for Jeter? Will Boston and New York be slapping each other five after a Jeter, Pedroia, Youk 6-4-3? Sure we have the annual All-Star Game, but there really isn't a need for camaraderie since the AL dominates and no one really cares. So I guess that begs the question, are people going to care?

Personally, I'm going to get fired up for this, and will even be pulling for the Princess of Pinstripes for a few weeks.


  1. I will be rooting for a non-Yankees injury so that they end this horrible thing. Youk is on top of my list of players who I would like to see injured.

  2. I agree that the WCB is kind of hurrible and i too hope that Youk and Lil Dusty get hurt.

    The major turnoff for me is that it is in the middle of March Madness and with my over-analysis of that due to my gambling addiction, I don't have time for much else.

  3. I'm somewhat interested in the WBC. I think I'll be able temporarily suspend my loyalties and root for Team USA as a whole. The one person I would take the opportunit to boo: A-Rod for playing for the fucking D.R. "Fufilling his Mom's dream?" The first WBC was in 2004 and you were born in Miami.

  4. I knew I was watching Japan hoist the trophy from a hotel room.. I was in Vegas for the first round...

    So I guess I won't really be watching that intensively. Terrible scheduling. Why not have it now? Then if someone gets hurt - they have time to recover before the season starts.

  5. Yeah - was going to include in my post that if A-Rod was on Team USA I probably couldn't cheer for him. I assume that's how most of you feel about Youk.

  6. I guess you could sort of make the comparison in terms of the viewing habits of me to the WCB with pre-season football.

    If its on I will watch for a little while, but i really don't care.

  7. I would say WBC > Preseason football, just cause it's different. And sort of almost matters.