Monday, January 12, 2009

Pat Bowlen, What Are You Thinking?

I wasn't completely surprised when the Broncos fired Mike Shanahan last week.  The team completely collapsed at the end of the year, and Shanahan hasn't brought forward a Broncos team that was a legitimate Super Bowl threat in 10 years.  A change was definitely justifiable.

I was shocked however when I learned this morning Shanahan's successor would be Patriots offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels.  So let me get this straight, Pat Bowlen, - you're going to improve on your 8-8 record by giving a guy known ONLY for what he's done when his team has the ball, the reigns of your already #2 ranked offense?  Not to mention the fact that McDaniels is replacing one of the greatest offensive coaches in history?  Meanwhile, you are going to pay no mind to your anemic 29th ranked defense - clearly the problem with your team.   You're also choosing to ignore the fact that other Belichick disciples (Mangini, Romeo, Weis) haven't had great success after they've left the herd?

What the fack are youk thinking?  


  1. Not sure why he didn't go defense. I thought Spags would be a shoo-in.

    A facked up coaching hire if there was one

  2. Sentiments exactly - meant to put in a bit about Spags. All of NY must be sighing relief with this one.