Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jerry Gives Up on Pacman

The days of Pacman dawning a star on his helmet are over, as the Cowboys have ended their one year relationship with the NFL's most notorious star. Somewhere on the outskirts of Dallas, Candy Legs is being consoled by her pimp, Delicious Rob.

As a football fan who really has no bias in the NFC East, seriously what the deuce was Jerry Jones thinking when they signed this guy. Sure - if any team is going to handle a tumultuous star, it'd be the team that put up with Charles Haley and Michael Irvin. But Pacman, excuse me, Adam, isn't known for yanking on his big black monster cock or holding on to his brother's crack pipe. Adam has a rap sheet a mile long, and has had so much LEGAL trouble in the past three years that I don't even have to post a link, because even my Grandmother knows to stay away from him. The guy can't be reformed - especially not by My Buddy Wade Phillips. If Jeff Fisher, probably the coach I respect the most not named Belichick, couldn't make it work for this guy - how in the world was Wade going to?


  1. Easily the worst free agent signing in the past few offseasons and Exhibit A as to why the Cowboys will never win a Super Bowl so long as the team is owned by Jerry Jones.

    How about his newest (alleged) crime in which he (allegedly) hired somebody to shoot at 3 men in the parking lot of an ATL strip joint two months after the football player was suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in 2007.

    Question of the Day: Who gets picked up by an NFL team first--Pacman or Vick?

  2. There's no doubt that they both sign contracts with WWE and become one of the most hated tag teams since the Nasty Boys. Jimmy Hart would definitely be their manager.

  3. Hahaha... If it wasn't for the Wildcat, that might be Vick's only option.