Friday, January 9, 2009

Inspire The Ire: Eagles Enmity [Part II]

[This is part II of the several-part Fack Youk presentation: Inspire The Ire: Eagles Enmity. Here is Part 1 if you missed it.]

I don't have too much hate for the Eagles organization as a whole. I like some things about them, dislike others; overall probably having some pity for them. I loved scampering around with "QB
Eagles" in Super Tecmo Bowl so much that I pitied the green birds every time the real life Randall Cunningham went down. I like Brian Westbrook since he's a no name guy who came out of nowhere to be a perennial fantasy stud. But then again, he can't stay off the injury list. Who doesn't like Reggie White?! But even he abandoned the franchise to win a ring with the Packers in '96. The team is perennially destined for failure. And, for whatever reason, Chris Berman continues to pick them as his Super Bowl pick, year after year.

Before cheering for the Pats or hating on any other NFL franchise, however, first and foremost I am a Fantasy Football fan. I have sold my soul to be an imaginary GM, investing countless hours into spreadsheets and the whiney voice of Matthey Berry. I wouldn't have it any other way. And this season a certain Eagle singlehandedly pissed a way a week for me in my work league.

That Eagle is none other than the uber-talented and mentally challenged DeSean Jackson. In week two this year, the Cowboys faced the Eagles in a Monday Night matchup that had huge fantasy implications. Bill Simmons got into how this was arguably the biggest game in fantasy history which included DeSean Jackson dropping the ball before he crossed the goal line on a 60 yard bomb. Ultimately he lost me the week, as I lost by 3, and caused me to face a week of ridicule by my colleague.

I have enmity for DeSean Jackson.


  1. Nice Super Techmo Bowl reference. Definitely my favorite nintendo game ever.

  2. Wait, Simmons said [specific something] was the most important [something] ever? He usually steers clear of hyperbole...

  3. I used to write for Matthew Berry on his old website. A true asshole if there ever was one--as if you didn't know that given his self-given "Talented Mr. Roto" nickname. Seriously? Talented Mr. Roto?