Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'll Take TheRapists For $800, Alex

It's a sad day for me. I loved David Meggett. But not because he spent three seasons with the Patriots ending in 1997. While a Pats fan I now call myself, I was once a New York Football Giants fan. My allegiance to the men in blue was part not being able to cheer for the late 80s/early 90s New England's Pay Toilets, and part loving to play with the GMen in Tecmo Super Bowl.

No doubt my affinity for playing with the Giants is mainly due to Lawrence Taylor being an unstoppable force on the defensive side of the ball. But also on offense, the Giants boasted an arsenal of great plays such as a short slant to Mark Bavaro, a deadly flea flicker to Mark Ingram*, and of course, the direct snap to David Meggett. He was the classic middle of the road guy, an underrated star, explosive special teamer, and just down right likable. What I didn't realize when I was 8 years old, was that Meggett was also a paraphiliac.

Likable Dave is currently being held without bail, charged with rape. The charge comes while Meggett (or "Michael" to his victims) was serving 2 years probation for a 2006 assault. He also has a pending charge from September for 3rd degree sexual contact with a 17 year old (I'm assuming 3rd degree is the equivalent of 3rd base). I've also got to assume Meggett is going to be sentenced to some serious hard time. Meggett's off the field actions are no doubt going to tarnish the legacy he was able to build among the fans he amassed during his 10 year career. Fortunately not all is lost, because I can just as easily have Otis Anderson take every carry.

Though he hasn't put pads on since 1998, this is yet another hit for the NFL's image. Pacman is shooting people, Plaxico is shooting himself, Vick's trying to be the Vince McMahon of the dog fighting world, and now Meggett isn't helping out with his sexual deviancy.

Paula Cole, where have all the cowboys gone?

*[Ed. Note - 5:05PM] Funny you should mention Mark Ingram.
Jan 3rd, 2009 - Former Giant Mark Ingram was arrested in Michigan on Friday, nearly a month after he disappeared on the day he was scheduled to begin serving a prison sentence for bank fraud and money laundering. U.S. marshals tracked the retired wide receiver to a hotel room in Flint, Mich., after a manhunt that began when he failed to turn up at a federal prison in Kentucky on Dec. 5.
Hey, at least Bavaro isn't in jail! I only know this because he lives in Naples and knows my uncle.

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  1. True story: My dad once got me a signed Dave Meggett poster from an appearance at a mall around us when I was about 6 or 7. I had it hanging up in my room until, for some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to trace over his signature with a sharpie. My dad was fucking LIVID. Oops.