Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hat Hate Crimes

Did you ever have a shark tooth hat? How about a hat commemorating a Super Bowl? While the answer to both should be "no", yours truly unfortunately had the latter since my dad is a huge Packer fan.

Why do the dome dressers at Nike, Reebok, and New Era come up with these vile concepts? Give me the Game's classic bar cap, or a simple, timeless MLB franchise. Why must we dress it up?

Well our friends at the Sports Hernia have pointed out the latest hat hate crime, with the latest Florida Gator BCS cap.


  1. Apex One (or maybe they were Logo Athletic) "Shark Tooth" hats were acceptable. These new Reebok ones are not--considering how fashion has evolved since the mid-90s. I will take a MLB Franchise hat any day of the week, especially in the summer.

    This new Florida BCS hat would go really well with the jorts that most Florida fans where. So no issue taken there.

  2. I still have several of the old Logo Athletic shark tooth hats - and I LOVE them. I still have and wear on occasion the Charlotte Hornets, Golden State Warriors, Toronto Maple Leafs and Minnesota Timberwolves. I love all of 'em. I also have the NO Saints in a Reebok one and am wearing it as I type this! They are great. I wish they would come back again!